I'm an Architechie.

ar·chi·te·chie //ˈärkəˌtekIE/ noun 

A former architect turned UX designer or other technology professional. 

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Product Page Redesign


The former product page design had many usability issues, leading to confusion and low conversion rates. 



A new page design using fundamental UX improvements has led to +23% conversion rates across devices.

e-Commerce, UX Fundamentals

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Custom Rug Configurator


The rug ordering process is complex and customer service spends many hours a week walking customers through the rug buying process. 



A more usable experience that allows the customers to create a custom rug on their own without needing help, or worse, abandoning their order. 

Product Design, Unique Experience 

(Please contact me for access to this project.) 


UW Medicine Advancement has opportunities to implement changes that will lead to higher donor engagement and conversion rates. 



Conduct a site audit and competitive analysis in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the IA of the current site causes friction.  


Information Architecture, Audit/Analysis 

Al Smith - MOHAI


The CD was formed by redlining, and gentrification is now erasing its history. The Museum of History and Industry is looking to preserve this history.



Our solution included a physical map, a digital experience and community engagement recommendations. See how we got there...


Multi-Sensory, Social Justice 


Weaving looms can be simple and cheap or expensive and complicated. Beginning weavers face barriers to learning and purchasing.



Create an e-commerce site with all levels of weavers in mind - lowering barriers to learning this craft is a key step in selling more looms.


Comparison Function Design 


New Roots Organics is a subscription-based produce delivery service. Their site needs improvement. 



Take a research-based approach that will lead to increased subscription rates and give the brand a fresh new look.


Visual Design, Illustration