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Content Driven Design

The majority of Curran's revenue comes from B2B sales. However, the company doesn't show this well on any of its sites and business customers don't know that Curran has the capability to support their needs. 

My Role

Facilitated content design workshop with stakeholders

UX Design

UI Design


Competitive research (by me and content manager)



MS Clarity


The Challenge

About Curran

Curran is a luxury boutique e-commerce company, focused on interior design and architecture industries, as well as design-oriented consumers. Curran has multiple sites; this project focuses on, which sells custom rugs.

Laptop_weave page.jpg


Three Key Improvements

Competitive research,  session recordings, and customer feedback helped me identify key areas for improvement that will help establish trust, demonstrate our services and generate more sales. 

Provide an Overview

The current landing page only shows products - we need to provide a more useful jumping-off point with more relevant content, highlighting products at-a-glance and key info about the services we provide. 

Lead Generation

Giving the customer an easy way to contact us, such as a form, will help funnel them directly to our B2B sales team so they can jump start the procurement process. 

Establish Trust

We need to establish trust in the industry - jargon is ok in this instance and can help demonstrate our knowledge. Highlighting current partners will also help raise our credibility. 

Content Design

Addressing Needs Through Content

I conducted a remote brainstorming session using Miro in order to get input from stakeholders, including customer service employees who work directly with B2B customers. Together we answered the following questions: 

Top 5 Customer Goals:
  • Understand what Curran's products and services - customers need to know at-a-glance what Curran offers and how they work. 

  • Clear access and next steps - customers want to see how they can get in touch and what to do next.  

  • Project lifecycle support - B2B customers need to work with a company who can meet their high-touch project needs, from start to finish. 

  • Feel confident - customers want to know Curran is a trusted source for products and provides technical support for any sized project. 

  • Aspirational but familiar - see themselves and their work in the products we offer. 

Top 5 User Goals_edited.jpg
Goals for the business: 
  • ​Attract new customers through unique brand identity - show customers that Curran offers high-quality and proprietary products that can't be found elsewhere. 

  • Demonstrate trustworthiness, experience and leadership. 

  • Grow customer loyalty - show customers we are a powerful partner.

  • Increase B2B orders.

  • Drive customer engagement. 

Top 5 Business Goals.jpg
Top three things the customer should think and feel when they arrive on this page: 
  • ​Confident - Curran is an expert in the field. 

  • Inspired - Curran cares about design and quality. 

  • Informed - Curran can provide what they need. 

How will customers know or believe these things to be true?: 
  • ​Illustrate experience - 30 years in business, partner logos, speak their language, show who Curran is.

  • Information at-a-glance - clearly and concisely speak about products, pricing, benefits of our program, response times and resources.

  • Professional and beautiful design - design and quality are integral to our mission - not just selling things. 

By addressing customer needs I have
 increased the conversion rate across devices by 23%. 

Top of the product page before the redesign.

Above the fold_before.jpg
iphone_mockup_old design_product page.png

Top of the product page after the redesign.

iphone_mockup_product page.png
Mobile experience updates.png

The Results

Better Engagement Will Lead to More Sales

A landing page that will provide:

  • High-level, relevant information about our services, our B2B program and our product offerings.

  • Establish trust by highlighting our expertise and some of the partners we work with.

  • Facilitate at-a-glance product browsing and guide customers to the specific products and services they need.

Since launch:

  • The bounce rate is 18.75% lower than the previous page, which only showed products.

  • Time on page has increased by 50%.

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