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New Marketing Website

Context was a brand new marketing site for a sustainable carpet manufacturer. A graphic designer proposed a visual design and I adapted it for accessibility, responsive design and integrated a sample ordering experience. 

My Role

UX Designer

Project Manager


Adobe XD

Jira & Confluence


Responsive web design


We analyzed the old websites ( and and uncovered 3 main issues:

1. Unfamiliar

The customer service team spent hours on the phone and chat each week with customers who couldn't figure out the product customization interface. Users who didn't contact customer service were simply abandoning the sites.



How might we make Curran's shopping experience more familiar, browsable, and modern?


We converted our key problems into UX outcomes:

Unfamiliar → Familiar

If we do a great job of implementing a new design system then the UI will feel like a familiar shopping experience so that customers can complete the path to purchase without help from customer service.

Not Browsable → Browsable

If we do a great job of restructuring the sites' navigation and provide filtering, then customers will be able to quickly and easily find what they need so that they don't have to look elsewhere for a smoother shopping experience.

Dated → Modern

If we do a great job of creating a new design system that is based on modern technology and design standards then the websites will be visually consistent and aesthetically appealing to design-forward customers so that they will want to shop with Curran repeatedly.

Design System on iMac.png

Design System

The foundation of this major update was building an atomic design system. This was the first step in achieving our goals for consistency, efficiency and flexibility. I partnered with Curran's content manager and two UI designers to ensure we expertly built all the necessary components.

Design Iteration

The new sites went through several design iterations before we had a shippable design candidate. The UI for customizable products needed to be unique to Curran's product offerings but also feel familiar. We employed progressive disclosure to make sure the customer wouldn't feel overwhelmed. 

Design Iterations_WebP.webp
Final Design_WebP.webp
Phone and Tablet Mockup_edited.png

Final Design

After several months of getting buy-in for this major digital transformation, and 5 months of hard design and engineering work, the content team is now building new pages and the sites will launch simultaneously in the Fall of 2022.

iPad Pro Rug builder.png
Sample ordering mobile.png
Rug Product Page.png


Once these sites are launched the expected results are:


Customers will rave about the new design and their time spent talking or chatting to customer service will decrease and conversions will rise.


Customers will spend far less time searching for what they need and bounce rates will decrease significantly. We will match our competition instead of driving customers to them.


People will have an overall positive sentiment toward the new websites because they will be modern, simple, and much improved.

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